Dear shareholders,

The past year can be called a turning point in the history of JSC "Nafta Moskva". The consequences of the 1998 financial crisis and an unfavorable market situation called for decisive measures on the part of the Company's administration. These measures were aimed at improving of management and the optimization of the Company's principal activities in a complicated economic environment.

The last shareholders' meeting resulted in working out of a new development strategy and some considerable changes in the Company's Charter and the Board of Directors, as well as in the new framework of the Company's structure and stuff.

We believe that due to these efforts Nafta Moskva will remain the biggest Russian crude oil trader, ready to offer a full range of services relative to export handling of goods.

As has always been during its almost 70-year history, Nafta Moskva's main principles are quality, high professionalism and traditions of a reliable trading partner.

General Director Viacheslav S. Valuev

general director v.s. valuev

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