Joint Stock Company Nafta Moskva is the successor of the All-Union Association Souznefteexport, follows the 65 year-old traditions of work in the world oil and oil product market.

Joint Stock Company Nafta Moskva was set up during the process of privatization by transforming the All-Union Foreign Trade Association Souznefteexport on the basis of a decree by the government and a regulation of the State Property Committee of Russian Federation.


Committee of Property Relations possesses 0,0001% of ordinary shares,

The Russian Fund for Federal Property possesses 5 % of preferred shares,

other legal entities - 79,21 % of ordinary shares,

and individuals - 16,76 % of ordinary shares.


contract-based crude oil and petroleum products export, import and re-export deliveries;
barter deals;
rendering services as a contractual intermediary with respect to other products on foreign markets, as well as legal, financial and other consultative services:
participation in establishing and running enterprises, companies, banks, etc., both in the Russian Federation and abroad;
raising funds for financing investment projects in prospecting, producing, processing and transporting crude oil and petroleum products;
operation on commodity and stock exchanges;
participation in prospecting, producing, and processing raw materials, collecting and recycling materials;
participation in constructing, modernizing and running refineries and petrochemical facilities, oil and gas pipe-lines, oil tanks, gas stations, oil shipment facilities, oil terminals, etc.
rendering a variety of services to legal entities and individuals.

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