JSC Nafta Moskva is a holding company. An important part in its commercial activities is played by a ramified net of its affiliations. Located in countries consuming Russian oil they provide for the paternal company marketing opportunities both in the world market and in the home markets.

Suomen Petrooli and Teboil are Finnish joint-stock companies. Their joint turnover totals more than 4?7 bln Finnish marks. Since the early 60's their share of petroleum products sales in the Finnish market has kept exceeding 20%.

The affiliations greatly contributed to Finland's success in 70's and 80's when the country became a major importer of Russian crude oil and petroleum products.

uomen Petrooli is busy importing petroleum products from Russia (primarily fuel oil and diesel fuel) and other countries (lubricating oils, greases, additives and autochemicals). Besides, the company sells products to East Finland through its own retail and wholesale nets. Teboil trades in products through the whole Finland.

It is a solid material base which helps the companies keep their leading position in the market for dozens of years, namely: a highly developed net of sea and distributing storage facilities through the whole Finnish territory with a total capacity of 800 ths cubic meters including a large underground depot of fuel oil in Rauma with a capacity of 200 ths cubic meters, over 300 service stations, 177 diesel fuel automatic fillers, rail-road cars of its own, gasoline trucks, tankers.

Through its distributing net Teboil annually sells about 350 ths cubic meters of motor gasoline and over 400 ths cubic meters of diesel fuel.

The company possesses an oil-blending plant of its own in Hamina, manufacturing lubricating oils, greases and autochemicals by its own production techniques and under its own trade mark.

The designed capacity of the plant is about 100ths t. It is fully equipped to manufacture more than 150 brands of petroleum products. The plant was built in the early 90's and by its capacity and automation level is now one of the biggest and most modern enterprises in Western Europe.

Teboil luboils are of high international esteem which are approved for use by leading marine diesel producers and car-makers (Mercedes, Fiat, Volvo, Volkswagen).

D.F.N. Olie Aktieselskab

A joint-stock company created in 1975 originally as an affiliation of the Belgian society Nafta/B/. The next year it was transforemed in an independent society for carrying out trade operstions in the world market. According to the 1999 results the Company's turnover totaled 3,2 mln t amounting to 1,3 bln Danish crowns.

Sovoil A.G.

The company was created in Switzerland in 1977 to perform trade operations in the world market. In recent years the society has markedly reinforced its stand. Practically all Russian oil companies are recorded as its partners. Since 1996 Sovoil has been an invariable participant of the UNO oil for food program. It has been taking an active part in tenders both in Russia and abroad, is constantly busy forming tanker lots in Russian ports, chartering vessels, insuring cargoes, pre-financing export and placing goods in the spot and term markets. According to the data for 2000, its turnover was equal to $1,6 bln.

Russoil GmbH

The society is created in 1991. The principal line of business is supplying crude to Germany and Eastern Europe by the Druzhba pipeline.

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