Oil and Petroleum Products Export

JSC Nafta Moskva's foreign trade turnover in 2000 was $2100,1 mln. JSC Nafta Moskva exported 12,7 mln tons of crude oil and petroleum products. Of the exported quantity 8 mln tons of crude oil were shipped towards the so-called Far Abroad through sea ports, including 0,7 mln tons of re-exported Iraqi oil, and 6,5 mln tons - through the "Druzhba" pipeline, including 4,5 mln tons to the former Soviet republics.

In 2000 JSC Nafta Moskva's sales volume of petroleum products in the foreign market equals to 1,3 mln tons.

Other Operations

The possibility of attracting money for advance payments and preschedule foreign currency earnings transfers for goods delivered, for excise-duty and as transport payments is foreseen in commission and agency agreements with suppliers.

JSC Nafta Moskva provides all the documents needed for route telegrams as well as for customs declarating of products, payment of cargo fees at the loading port, working out and signing up of agreements with transport, logistics and broker organizations. JSC Nafta Moskva performs other operations for timely export of oil and petroleum products with our clients being offered favorable terms for cargo trans-shipment in ports payment, insurance payment and demurrage rate payment.

To ensure the timely export of crude oil and petroleum products, day-to-day work is being conducted chartering vessels, declaring cargoes and providing for customs clearance thereof, monitoring oil prices, negotiating contract terms, searching and forecasting the ever-changing market situation.

Home Market Activities

In 2000 JSC Nafta Moskva pursues an active policy of diversifying its activities. In order to consolidate the Company's stand in the market, such work patterns are being introduced as crude refining with subsequent marketing of petroleum products, sale and purchase of crude oil and petroleum products in the domestic market, setting up a network of gas filling stations on the territory of the Russian Federation.

In 2000 Joint Stock Company Nafta Moskva's sales volume of crude oil in the home market equals to 500 000 tons per month and petroleum products equals to 15 500.

Joint Stock Company Nafta Moskva performs wholesale deliveries of all kinds of the oil products.

The main distribution areas are Moscow and Moscow district, as well as St. Petersburg.

Joint Stock Company Nafta Moskva operates through its subsidiary Teboil an oil compounding factory in Finland. Nafta Moskva offers retail and wholesale deliveries of more than 200 kinds of oil without intermediaries.

Our Partners

State-owned and private oil majors, petroleum traders, banks, enterprises dealing with oil transport, transshipment or storage services, continue to be the Company's main trading partners.

JSC Surgutneftegaz is Nafta Moskva's major strategic partner in Russia which supplied the world market with about 11,8 mln tons of crude oil in 2000. Among the companies which have given huge quantities of crude oil to be exported through JSC Nafta Moskva are JSC Tatneft, JSC Varyoganneft, JV Nafta-Ulianovsk, Petrosakh, Polar Lights.

Good business relations with JSC Transneft are of high importance for successful oil export.

Services rendered by JSC Nafta Moskva

The Company's agency agreements and contracts of commission with Russian suppliers provide for raising funds to prepay deliveries and early transfers of proceeds from the goods supplied to pay excise taxes and transportation charges. JSC Nafta Moskva provides documents required to send route telegrams, insures presentation of customs declarations, effects payment of dues at ports of loading, elaborates and signs agreements with transport, expedition and brokers' agents and performs other operations to effect timely oil export shipments. Our customers are offered service benefits at ports of transshipment, insurance bonuses and demurrage concessions.

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